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International Colour Specialist

Mark Wentworth.

Colour is just colour, right? Wrong!

Come join me on a journey to explore the wonderful world of colour and more.

Forthcoming Events

#Violet2023 - The Year of The Sovereign

Free webinar (1hr)

17th January

 Click here for more information and registration

Colour PsychoDynamics Profiler Training

Certificated training (84hrs)

Registrations open

Click here for more information

Mark Wentworth is an internationally-acclaimed Colour Specialist and Global Colour Ambassador.  He has been working with colour for more than 30 years.


His work is not about colour analysis, it’s not colour design.

It is just pure and simple Colour for Life and Colour in Action!

Bespoke and exclusive webinars and courses can be arranged,

tailor made for you and your friends, your group or your team.


"When we begin to understand the power of colour, we can start to use it to enhance

and build upon our strengths, and let it help us heal where the light has been missing"

Colour for Life

A way of Living and Being

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