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Money In-Action

"Letting money have its say"
With Mark Wentworth

Money is one of the biggest causes of arguments, it can tear families apart, it has the power to destroy businesses and it can literally bring the collapse of a country’s people. And at the same time it can bring joy, it can instantly change our world and it has the power to save lives.


Money is sometimes seen as the answer to all our problems, and often blamed as the cause of them, and yet money is always the innocent and neutral party. Money is not the problem; the dysfunctional relationship comes from us and all that we have connected and projected onto money. Are you constantly arguing, coldly indifferent or would you like to become the bestest of friends?

Einstein said that you can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that was used to create it.

Whilst some may say they  don't have a problem with money for sure our relationship to it has to change. Why? Because money has changed.

If for example, money was our romantic partner, he/she would have left a long time ago or at least be demanding we seek relationship counselling as a final solution!


Over the past 16 years of working around the world with “money couples” the reply from money has always been more or less the same in whatever language, “I love you and really want to be with you” Followed by: “You don’t trust me”, “You abuse me”, “You ignore me”, “You use me for love”…   


I invite you to join me in this 3hr online experiential workshop to explore and get to know your own personal energetics of money as a symbol of energetic exchange. Through the process of action, reflection and sharing we will let money have its say with the intention of deepening our connection with money and understanding how precisely it wants to help and work with us to be the best we can be.


After all, money like love is in bountiful supply, there’s more than enough for everyone, and always delivered in the most perfectly aligned right way.

“If you wish to be a mine of jewels,

Open the deep ocean within your heart”


Dates: Saturday 17th or Sunday 25th February

Time: 17th February 9.30am - 12.30pm or 25th February  3pm - 6pm (London time)

Investment:  £45

Payable either by direct bank transfer (UK), Revolut or Wise. Please message me for details.

You may also pay and register via the PayPal button below. Please add your chosen date/time

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Due to the experiential and interactive nature of this workshop the maximum number of attendees is 12, this enables each attendee the fullest experience possible. A wait list will be started once we reach the maximum number. 

**Because this is a live experiential workshop no recording will take place. 

Cancellation policy: 

The option of a full refund or credit to a future course will be offered if cancellation is requested before the start date and time. No refunds available after the start date and time.

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