Add a Little Colour to Your Life


Mark Wentworth

Have you ever wondered why some colours fill you with joy and inspiration and yet others just leave you cold and flat?


Did you know that yellow speeds up decision making and green gives the feeling of slowing down time?


Add a Little Colour to Your Life reveals the hidden power of colour, this great little book gives you an introduction to and insight into the silent yet powerful language of colour, including décor, clothing, healing, and how to find your own personal Life Path Colour. 


Written in 1998 "Add a Little Colour to Your Life" introduces you to the many different aspects of the healing power of colour, from clothing, décor and healing, through to finding your Life Path Colour. To date it has sold close to 14,000 copies worldwide.


If you would like to purchase a copy please click on the relevant image below. This will open a new window to Amazon for the English & French versions, both of which are available as an eBook or a printed soft copy version.  For all other languages, the link will take you to Smashwords and the relevant language.









"A little book that goes a long way"

Karen Grevis - Chairwoman, International Assoc. of Colour (IACT)

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