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Cher’s a Golden girl,
Tom Cruise sees Red, 
What colour are you?

Since time began, we have searched for ways to understand ourselves and others. 

But where do we start…?

The ‘ancients’ looked to gods and goddesses and lived by their lore. These days, some of us consult astrology, or take a more logical approach, using psychological type indicators such as Myers Briggs to help us understand why we behave and react the way we do.

Colour PsychoDynamics® uses colour as its medium to give a deeper understanding to instinct and potential. Part of that formula has its foundations in numerology, an ancient yet simple approach. We use the medium numbers to reveal the colours.

Number systems once played a big part in everyday life; Sumerians, Egyptians and Greeks developed their own, and in many religions, numbers had mystical meaning. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras understood their hidden powers and taught them through his Mystery Schools.

As science developed, the mysticism of numbers was relegated to ‘fairground’ status, and yet they are constantly used to identify us; phone, bank, National Insurance - the list goes on.

Life Path Colours
From the moment we are born we set out on a journey, and that journey is often defined by significant events in life, for example the day we started school, the time we left home, the day we started work and not forgetting the time we met our first love. These key life stage events are often visualised as being on a timeline or as markers on a pathway through life. 

A Life Path Colour is seen in much the same way, a pathway, this path however has its very own colour.  There are nine Life Path Colours and one of those will be yours. 

Your life path colour is derived from your date of birth; in many cultures this seemingly random day has significant meaning. In many Eastern and indigenous spiritual belief systems it is believed that the Soul chooses the day and the exact time to be born in order for the Soul to fulfil its greatest potential. 

Each colour path offers guidance and gives understanding and meaning to your basic core behaviours. It could be described as the foundations and bedrock upon which we stand. 

To calculate and unlock the potential of your Life Path Colour all you do is take your date of birth and add all the numbers together, and then keep on adding them together until finally it is reduced to a single digit between 1 – 9.   

For example: 28 – 10 – 1967

2 + 8 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 7
= 34 = 3 + 4 = 7

Each of the nine numbers relates to a colour and each has its own character traits. 

9 LPCs.png

What colour are you?


Red, you are the one who dares to push boundaries, when other people say we can’t you always says Yes it can be done. You are active and dynamic and always on the go.


Orange, you are the one who reminds us to enjoy life, if life becomes too serious you remind us of all the good things we have. You are the one who sees both sides of a situation and chooses the one that benefits all. 


Yellow, you are the one who has focused attention and always seeks the answer to why something is so. You have a strategic plan for life and will often spend time hours mentally engaged in books making sure everything is exactly right.


Green, you are the one who knows that everything has its own right time. You teach us when to let go and when to continue moving forward with a project. You bring harmony to any given situation and reminds us to create and find space in our life.


Blue, you are the one who brings the truth, you help us to know when to speak and when to listen. Blue, you remind us to keep it simple; and show us how you can take an idea turn it into reality. You help us to find the quiet times in our life too.


Indigo, you are the one who sees. You help us to see the bigger picture and sees order and the grand design of things when others see chaos and disorder. You remind us that anything is possible all we have to do is imagine.


Violet, you are the one who leads us forward, you inspire us with your visions of the future. You command attention with elegance, grace and creative poise. You remind us that we are all born with an innate potential to be someone greater than we think we are. 


Rose, you are the one who connects and brings us together. You remind us that love unites all, and will never leave anyone behind, always encouraging us to go further than we think we are capable of. Your passion for a better world is contagious. 


Gold, you are the one who brings wisdom and wise counsel, you are the story keeper and the one who brings laughter when life gets too serious. Your inner calm and stillness remind us to pause, take a deep breath, and then take a conscious step forward in life.  

Now you know your Life Path Colour have fun with it, use it in whatever way feels right for you. Wear it if it suits you, paint with it, eat it, drink it… the only limitation to how you integrate your Life Path Colour is your own imagination.

Remember the only right shade or tone of your Life Path Colour is the one you want it to be. 


“Seek not the paths of the ancients; seek that which the ancients sought”
Matsuo Basho 

As well as your Life Path Colour there is so much more waiting to be discovered and revealed, there’s the colours hidden within your name for example. All reveal an archetypal blueprint, a treasure map of your unique gifts and potential, gifts and potential that only you can live. 

Colour PsychoDynamics® guides and supports you to become and live as the person you were born to be. Colour PsychoDynamics® – helping you become uniquely irreplaceable.

Discover more in my book Add a Little Colour to Your Life here

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Original Artwork by Natasha Day©


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