Colour PsychoDynamics Profilers

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness,

the astonishing light of your own being.”


Colour PsychoDynamics Profiler

An accredited CPD Profiler is someone who reveals your inherent potential.  A profiler's role is to assist and guide you, through the language of colour, to become the person you were born to be.  As part of the Colour PsychoDynamics Profiler training each person is trained in ways of using colour to help you align you to your natural way of living and being, helping you to live a life you love.

For further information about the Colour PsychoDynamics training programme please click here

Each profiler has fulfilled all requirements needed to receive the Colour PsychoDynamics Profiler Diploma.

Each profiler abides by a Code of Ethics which may be viewed here 

Each profiler receives on-going supervision

Each profiler attends at least one Continous Personal Development course relating to the Colour PsychoDynamics methodology per year.

Only those listed below are recognised as profilers of the Colour PsychoDynamics programme.


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Roshan D’Souza


Roshan comes with a strong background of coaching and training Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Leaders especially from the social impact sector.

Over the years he has consulted with corporates, non profits organizations , foundations and international agencies to facilitate conversations on developing capacity to assess, prepare, confront and navigate situations of challenges and opportunities.

Through Colour PsychoDynamics Profiling, he invites one to look at their own potential and explore possibilities of meaningful personal growth through the language of colours and power of imagination. The language of colours allows for a personal exploration and experience of knowing one's uniqueness. He facilitates unique personal exploration experiences through different methods of colour psychodynamic profiling, especially the opportunity to discover strengths and experiencing resourcefulness, to objectively assess life situations and relook at possibilities with a lens of adventure, acceptance, meaning and growth.

Roshan enjoys working with artists, entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators and soul-searching individuals who are keen to be aligned to their purpose and to develop their tact to navigate complex realities of the world.

If you want to create your unique edge in catching the next wave of artistic or entrepreneurial opportunity or want to increase your effectiveness and you want to explore it further, you could write to him.


Email: roshandsouzagb@gmail.com

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Claire Edwards


“I provide a safe, sacred space for women to re-connect with their abundant body wisdom. Through an integrated process of identifying their own bio-individuality, using nutritional guidance, Colour Psychodynamics Profiling, personal styling, mental, physical and emotional support I empower women to enable their true essence to shine through, so that they may live the lives of their dreams.”

Having encountered and worked through her own health and life challenges Life and Style with Claire founder Claire Edwards understands the very real inter-relationships that can exist between feeling whole on the inside, a person’s relationship with food and exercise, how they present themselves to the outside world through the clothes they choose to wear and how all this affects that persons ability to really feel at their best with all that is going on around them.

After undertaking training in counselling, nutrition, eating psychology, personal image, and Colour Psychodynamics Profiling Claire now brings a fully integrated approach to her work with her clients.

Claire has established a business that helps women who experience challenges around mental and physical health, weight, overeating, body image and more.

Claire is passionate about accessing her clients’ beauty both inside and out.

Born in the UK, but having spent many years in Australia and Hong Kong, Claire brings a truly international flavour to her business.

Claire currently lives in the South West of England with her husband, two teenage sons and their two cuddly cockapoos!

Contact Info:



Instagram: @lifeandstylewithclaire

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Maria Fellachidou


Maria grew up in her family’s business, believing that it was her destiny to continue the family heritage, honoring her parents’ efforts and devotion to develop a healthy and strong company for their children. After completing a Bachelor’s in Management and Marketing, she continued working in the family business, but there was always something inside her that felt incomplete. Thankfully, fate led her to a new path.

From the moment she came in contact with Transpersonal Psychology, she realised the answers were there, waiting to take her on a journey of self-discovery, self-consciousness and ultimately, self-love. Her inner drive, her vision, always was to help others discover their true Essence and to experience the uninterrupted flow of Love in their lives. This led her into 20 years of studying and working with Transpersonal methods, being certified, among other, as a Systemic Constellations Coordinator and more recently a Colour PsychoDynamics® Profiler.

Using a combination of Colour PsychoDynamics Profiling and Systemic Constellation, I will help you to untangle the knots of invisible loyalty, be it within the family or to outdated beliefs, in order to not only live the life you wish for but to live the life you were born to live as revealed in you Colour PsychoDynamics Profile.

Individual and group sessions & workshops either live or virtual


Email: mariafellachidou@hotmail.com

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Tory Johnson


Do you have concerns about what suits you, do you stumble at knowing how to put outfits together or simply feel overwhelmed with all the choice in the shops and end up leaving buying nothing?

If this sounds like you, Tory will help translate confusion and chaos in your wardrobe into a bold and confident new you.

The colours we wear play a huge role in how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us. A colour consultation will help you to understand which colours and tones really boost your look and help to create a more positive you.

Tory has been helping ladies, and some men too, for the past ten years to connect with the colours and tones of clothing that help them feel positive and confident about themselves.

More recently she has started integrating Colour PsychoDynamics® Profiling into her work, this is about your personal colours on the inside. By guiding and supporting you to dress from the inside out Tory helps you blossom into the you that you’ve always known was on the inside, but now she’s looking backing at you in the mirror on the outside.

When you know your own right colours from the inside out, you look younger, healthier and fitter, feel amazing and as an added extra, those around you will compliment on it too!


Website: www.toryjohnson.me

Email: hello@toryjohnson.me

Instagram: @transformwithcolour

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Doxiana Kyritsi


My skin is kind of sort of brownish, pinkish yellowish white.
My eyes are greyish blueish green, 

but I’m told they look orange in the night.
My hair is reddish blondish brown, but it’s silver when it’s wet.
And all the colours I am inside, have not been invented yet.”

Shel Silverstein

During my own journey of personal growth and seeking to find meaning in my life, I started studying colour through Colour PsychoDynamics Profiling gaining, as a result, insight into who I am and expanding my horizons. Colour motivated me to believe in myself, to take chances and do things I had never thought possible before. It inspired me to leave behind a 10-year career in a multinational corporation where, for a long time, I had felt that something was missing. I began searching for ways to add joy and fulfillment to my life. So impressive were the outcomes that I felt compelled to share with others all that I had learned. Today, as a certified Colour PsychoDynamics Profiler, my work brings me great joy because it allows me to help my clients discover “all the colours they are inside”.

Knowing firsthand how stressful life can be, I will help you find ways to make the daily challenges more manageable so you, too, can enjoy a fuller, happier life both at work and at home. Together, we will identify your innate skills and distinctive strengths so you can completely connect with your true self. We will bring to the surface those aspects of yourself that have been hidden or forgotten, repressed or ignored. By recognizing and cultivating the unique talents in your colour profile you will transform into the person you were always meant to be.

Contact details:

Email: doxiana.kiritsi@gmail.com

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Karmen Kantaatmadja


Karmen is a Sacred Flower Healer as well as having been in the field of emotional healing for two decades. She found her innermost calling through working with flower’s essences, energy, and Bach Flower Remedies. She has been helping clients alongside Clinical Psychologist, Counsellors and other practitioners managing grief, trauma and other mental health challenges.

Currently based in Bali, Indonesia, Karmen is trained in trauma informed therapy and is now offering beyond healing by guiding personal breakthroughs with Colour Psychodynamics Profiling and ancient blessings to both individuals and homes.


Email: mkantaatmadja@gmail.com

Website: www.urbandukun.id

Instagram: @urbandukun

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Jane Llewellyn


‘I am passionate about helping individuals towards reaching their true potential, through Colour Psychodynamics Profiling and through exploring their hidden creativity’

Jane has had a lifelong fascination for colour and through Colour Psychodynamics and Profiling she has found a new and exciting depth of experience and discovery. Jane is an artist, Felt maker, qualified art teacher and Dyslexia specialist. She is committed to advocacy and the therapeutic value of art.

During her career Jane has been Artist-in-Residence at a college for disabled students, run workshops for galleries, the National Trust, schools and craft fairs. She spent a month on the island of Westray, Orkney teaching Felt making and says that the Scottish Islands are a place where she feels at home. Felt making is a technique used to blend a variety of wools, materials, texture and colours to create unique artwork.

Jane now works with neurodiverse students at universities. Jane’s lifelong passion for art and the understanding of the importance of self-expression and creativity enable her students to tap into hidden talents in a relaxing, calm and safe environment. Through Colour Psychodynamics profiling, with a gentle approach, Jane gives participants an opportunity to explore and find new insights into their lives.



Colour Psychodynamic Profiling and bespoke Felt making workshops for individuals or groups

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Maria McCarthy


With over 16 years’ experience working in traditional diagnostic radiology as a Sonographer and Radiographer Maria has developed a personal system of medical intuition, with a deep appreciation of the relationship between physical illness and the emotional and spiritual state of the individual .

Through Clinical hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Medical Intuition Maria has a unique mastery of the art of pattern recognition, combined with intimate knowledge of the chakra system, archetypal behaviour and Colour Psychodynamics Profiling.

Coming from this powerful foundation helps her support clients shift from a state of confusion to clarity using intuitive strategy.

Maria is committed to finding the silver lining in any situation with a sprinkle of hope and irreverent humour. Her presiding passion is supporting people in gaining clarity and becoming aware of the deep desires of their lives, thus removing big obstacles on the path to their life purpose.

Contact Info:

Email: mia_mccarthy@hotmail.com

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Nikolaos Niotis


Born in Athens, studied Civil Engineering in N.T.U.A. and followed a career path in Management in multinational and medium-sized companies for more than 22 years. His multi-level training and education, in combination with deep experiential participation in workshops, led him to focus on the most perfect –and many times the most imperfect- engine on the planet, the human.

Since 2013 he possesses the Advanced Diploma in ‘’Personal and Executive Coaching ‘’ (Positivity Coaching & Kingstown College of Ireland, ICF) and works as a Life & Business Coach, Management Consultant and Negotiation Facilitator. Since 2014 after special corresponding training he uses as tools of personal profile analysis the following: Graphological Analysis, Numerology Analysis based on the Pythagorean Philosophy and THETA Healing method.

He attended and completed the Color Psychodynamic (CPD) Profiling training of COLOR FOR LIFE Institute by Mark Wentworth and Life Alphabet Institute and since 2020 he is a certified CPD profiler. By the summer of 2020 he completed his training as a Jungian Coach in Jungian School of Coaching in Athens (ICF). He was personally accredited in March of 2021 (ACC ICF).

Nikos offers sessions online and in person, both in Greek and English.

Email: n4coach@gmail.com

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Zoe Nikitaki


Zoe Nikitaki is a self-taught painter-illustrator, storyteller-writer and Colour Psychodynamics Practitioner.  Her passion and work bridges three sectors: education, art and therapy, her focus is on the function and the healing effect of art. She has composed a method, which she calls Healing Travelling – Psychodynamic Color Storytelling. She conducts seminars on the art of storytelling, using fairy tales as an educative and therapeutic tool for self-knowledge, for the discovery and activation of gifts that the soul carries,

She has worked with children for more than twenty years as a philologist and as a museum educator at the Museum of Greek Folk Art and through educational art programs, painting workshops and storytelling performances across Greece.

as well.

For more information: www.zoenikitaki.com