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Global Colour Ambassador

Mark Wentworth.

Colour is just colour, right? Wrong!

Come join me on a journey to explore the wonderful world of colour and more.

Forthcoming Events



Money In-Action

"Letting money have its say"

17th or 25th February

Zoom on-line

Click here for registration and more information

Colour for Love

"A journey of and for the heart"

2nd & 3rd March

Armação de Pêra, Portugal

Click here for more information

Colour PsychoDynamics Profiler Training

Certificated on-line training (94hrs)

Registrations open

Click here for more information

Know Yourself Through Colour

Discover the amazing power of colour for personal transformation

Nine colour-full lessons via video-on-demand

Watkins Wisdom Academy


Mark Wentworth is an internationally-acclaimed Colour Specialist and Global Colour Ambassador.  He has been working with colour for more than 30 years. His work is not about colour analysis, it’s not colour design. It is just pure and simple Colour for Life and Colour in Action!

The following courses and workshops give you an idea of the breadth, the depth, and the scope of possibility of where colour can take you:

Ancestral Colour Healing - Click here for more information

The Colour of Your Dreams - For more information click here
The Healing Power of Colour - Click here for more information

The Goddess Within - For more information click here

Bespoke and exclusive courses, webinars and courses can be arranged, and tailor made for you and your friends, your group or your team.


Colour for Life

A way of Living and Being

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