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Colour Stories

Healing The Many Lives of the Soul
A four-day experiential residential training



16th - 19th November, Ubud, Bali

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Presented by
Mark Wentworth 
Colour PsychoDynamics Creator/Trainer/Practitioner  

Healing the many lives of the Soul through Colour Stories can help with: -

  • Aligning to full life potential

  • Confidence building, feeling centred and focused

  • Explaining and bringing resolution to unfounded fears and phobias

  • Gaining access to latent gifts and talents

  • Healing and insight into longstanding health problems

  • Transforming blocks in career, money and love

Shakespeare said “All the world is a stage and we are merely players upon it. We each have our own right time to enter and our own right time to leave”. What if however, deep in our subconscious, we have sub-personalities belonging to the Collective Unconscious who have a different storyline to the one we are trying our best to live. What if these characters and their stories bleed through into our life story today? What if these narratives are part of the many lives of the Soul asking for healing, and that by bringing healing consciousness and resolve to them we not only help ourselves, but we also contribute to the evolution of the World Soul. 

“A truly therapeutic procedure can have no less an objective

than the whole of mankind”

J.L. Moreno – Creator of Psychodrama

Maybe your greatest desire is to create a lasting relationship, you’ve created your vision boards and tap away daily for your manifestation wishes, but the story of someone who was left at the altar vowing never to love again keeps messing things up. Now it seems near on impossible to create and find the lasting relationship you so desperately desire. 

Colour has this laser like ability to shine a light deep into the memory banks of the collective unconscious to find the most perfect healing story to help resolve a seemingly unsolvable situation in the here and now. Through psychodramatic embodiment and other expressive arts we can learn how to disentangle and liberate ourselves from these old and outdated programmes running in the background. 

The healing power of Colour Stories enables us to live much more in the present, thus having a greater opportunity for creating the life we were born to live. This simple, yet profound process is an integration of Jungian active imagination, bodywork, colour psychodynamics, psychodrama and Soul retrieval.  

You will learn how explore the origins of deep-seated emotional and mental patterns through the healing power of colour. By embracing and harnessing the potent potential of colour we gain greater awareness of our authentic core essence, enabling us to live more peacefully and feel much more at-home in our body and our day-to-day life.  This process also helps to clear the energy bodies of any misplaced energy, it also brings back lost energies that we might have lost or given away. It is in a sense, in part, what Shamans would call a form of Soul retrieval.

Colour Story exploration requires that you only need to be able to imagine, you don’t even need to close your eyes if you don’t want to. It does not involve hypnosis, or relaxed states of being; it only requires you to be present, focused and enter into the active imaginary realms of “As if”. Another benefit of this work is that it can give you access to latent gifts and talents too.

In this four-day experiential training you will learn: -  

  • How to guide and retrieve Colour Stories 

  • Psychodramatic embodiment techniques

  • Colour Healing 

  • Soul-retrieval methods 

  • Whole-person integration and ritual.

This training is both theoretical and experiential. It is open to and suitable for; coaches, healers, bodyworkers, breath-work practitioners, therapists, psychologists and psychotherapists, drama therapists, art therapists, yoga practitioners and anyone working within the field of self-transformation and personal development. It is also open to those already exploring their own Soul journey who may wish to join for their continuing personal healing. 

This training is ideal for those who are open to exploring the memory banks of the collective unconscious and using it to help heal and transform the repeating patterns in their own life and that of their clients. It is an applicable training if you already have a grounding and training in another healing method and or having been on your own healing journey for some time. 


If you like story, be it written, stage or film, you’ll love this process of storytelling from the Soul. 

“I can give you nothing that has not already its being within yourself.

I can throw open to you no picture gallery but your own Soul”

Herman Hesse

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