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Colouring from the Inside-Out

Connecting with your own natural nature through the incredible power of colour
Mark Wentworth & Monica Di Luzio

3rd - 5th November
Trentham, Victoria


Whether it’s the colours in your wardrobe, your décor or for inner-work, colour in some shape or form is always present.  When focused upon and used in a specific way it becomes a powerful tool for inner and outer transformation. When used consciously and purposefully, colour gives you the innate feeling of being fully supported, a joy for living and maybe the odd miracle or two thrown in for good measure.

Why? Because we each have a personal colour code which was lovingly woven for us a long time ago, long before we were born. This chromatic code has your name written within it; it contains all that you need in order to be the most magnificent version of yourself.


During this 3-day retreat you will be guided and supported by Mark and Monica to align with your true authentic Self.


Give yourself over to this immersive colour experience, surrender and let go of your everyday stresses as we teach you how to flourish and thrive from the inside out.


Indulge yourself in guided imagery and experiential processes, learn how to let your true colours do the talking both on the inside and on the outside, learn through fun and laughter as we teach you how to light up the room simply by being your true authentic self, nothing more, nothing less.

Cancellation policy: 

The option of a full refund or credit to a future course will be offered if cancellation is requested before the start date. Any cancellation after the start date would be to the value of the remaining modules. If a module is cancelled by the organiser an alternative date will be offered.  











Global Colour Ambassador and Colour Specialist, Mark Wentworth, has been studying and working with the healing power of colour for more than 30 years. He is the founder of Colour for Life and creator of the Colour PsychoDynamics methodology, both integrating colour therapy with Carl Jung’s archetypal and visionary worlds. His depth experience and study of ancestral healing the The Goddess Within was with Jungian Psychotherapist, Roger Woolger.  

Mark is the author of Add a Little Colour to Your Life which has been translated into 7 different languages. Mark lives in Norwich, Norfolk, UK, and works across nine countries worldwide.

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