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The Greek Goddess Tour

The Return to Home
Athens – Korinthos - Athens

22nd – 29th October

At this time in our history when the present and future seem uncertain it seems a prime opportunity to look back to the past for inspiration and resources. In the times of the ancients they looked to their Gods and Goddesses for guidance, the ancient ancients simply relied on inspiration from the Great Mother. 

The messages of the Great Mother, the Divine Feminine, were expressed through seven of the Greek Goddesses, each inheriting and bringing unique qualities of the feminine into the world. 
This 7-day fully escorted tour takes us on the roads less travelled and away from the hustle and bustle of the normal tourist trails, it brings us up close and personal at the temples of the Goddesses. 
We will honour the Goddesses by firstly greeting them in their rightful places of dedication and worship. We will encounter them using some of the ancient ways of dream tending, and we will meet them through drama in the amphitheatres of old. 

As we open to receive and integrate the gifts of healing wisdom from each of the Goddesses we begin to remember and reconnect with our own essential nature. In turn it enables us to contribute in our own unique way to the homecoming of humanity. To return home is to remember who we were born to be and the inspiration we bring to the world by simple being and sharing our natural resources. 

This particular tour has personal meaning for me, I was introduced to the Greek Goddesses by my teacher and good friend, Roger Woolger. His book “The Goddess Within” has guided and helped many people around the world. In our many conversations it was Roger’s wish to guide such a tour around Greece. Sadly, he died in 2011. Therefore, this tour and its title “The Return Home” is dedicated to Roger. 


SUNDAY, 22nd October

Arrivals during the day

19:00 Welcome Dinner – dream journaling 

MONDAY, 23rd October

Travel to Loutraki, Poseidon Hotel

14:00 Lunch
17:00 Amphitheatre – introduction + Goddess drama 
19:00 Intro to Hera/Setting dream intention
20:00 Dinner

TUESDAY, 24th October

Visit to Hera’ s Temple
Aphrodite’s stories/ dream intention

WEDNESDAY, 25th October

Visit to Aphrodite’ s Temple
Meditation/healing the wounds of Aphrodite
*Lunch in Corinth – return to hotel

THURSDAY, 26th October

Day at the hotel
Morning - Group reflection – healing drama/colour stories (2.5hrs)
The Demeter stories and mysteries. (late afternoon)
Before dinner - Meeting Demeter through a Cacao Ceremony at the Amphitheatre if possible.


FRIDAY, 27th October

Travel back to Athens and visit to Demeter’ s Temple in Eleusis
Lunch in Eleusis
Arrival hotel
Welcome to the stage – Artemis and Athena, stories and dream tending
Dinner either at hotel or out in Athens

SATURDAY, 28th October

Visit to Artemis’s and Poseidon’s Temple
By the sea, ouzaki, krasaki, calamaraki…

SUNDAY, 29th October

After breakfast - Final group meeting
Visit to Parthenon, Acropolis and museum, shopping in Plaka 
Final dinner at rooftop restaurant

MONDAY, 30th October


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