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Swallowing the Sun

Caretaking and Nourishing your Inner Light

Tuesday 14th - 28th June
7:00pm - 9.30pm Melbourne/Sydney
(10:00am -12:30pm London)
3 weeks x 2.5hrs

Over the past few months or more maybe you have been feeling a bit out of sorts and not quite your usual self. Maybe you have noticed others around you also being a bit more pessimistic than normal. Whilst these overall feelings can be attributed to the everyday effects of post lockdown and the uncertainty of the future, Colour PsychoDynamics® takes the perspective that beyond these outer challenges the uncertainty and feeling out of sorts are the signs of the energy of Indigo making itself known in the collective consciousness. Why Indigo? Each year has its own colour, 2021 was Blue and 2022 is Indigo.


What was your year like in 2013, 2004, 1995, 1986? Those too were Indigo years.


As we now head into the darker months in the Southern Hemisphere where the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer it is an opportune time to embrace and meet indigo in its habitat of natural darkness. At the same time, it is nature’s right time to look inwards to our inner light.


This kind of light has a place in our day to day language, we talk of “a spark of inspiration” and someone “losing their spark”.  In recent years scientist discovered and revealed to us the “Zinc spark”, that exact moment when conception takes place. In all cases a spark denotes the presence of a certain kind of light.   


In the many versions of the Creation Myth there is always present a version of the archetypal “Cosmic Man”. It is this cosmic blueprint that symbolises the oneness of human existence and this figure is commonly depicted as having a halo of light as well as a cape of light.


Could it be that this light, this Universal light, that illuminates the Cosmic Man, that sparks joy and is present at the very moment of conception, is what connects us, not just to human existence but to all existence. 


With this in mind I will be offering a 3-week (3 x 2.5hrs) workshop to guide you to reconnect with that light which shines the brightest in the dark. We will work with Indigo related practices from Colour PsychoDynamics®, Dreamwork, Dynamic Theatre, and Greek Goddesses, all with the intention of kindling and strengthening your inner light so that:


  • As you learn to caretake you let go of what no longer serves you.

  • As you nourish, you find ways to feed your Soul from the inside out.

  • As you caretake and nourish, you create seeds of intention for the future.

  • As these seeds blossom, they become your future navigators and anchor stones.


And… “If light is in your heart, you will find your way home”


Date: 14th, 21st & 28th June

Time: 7:00pm - 9:30pm AEDT / 10:00am - 12:30pm UK

Investment: AUD$150 / UK£85

Booking: To reserve your place you can click on the PayPal link below which will take you to a new page. If you would like to pay by electronic bank transfer (UK only) or Transferwise, please contact me at the address below.

If you have questions or would like to arrange this course for your group:

Please email me at 

Due to the experiential and interactive nature of this workshop the maximum number of attendees is 14, this enables each attendee the fullest experience possible. A waiting list will be started once we reach the maximum number. 


**Because this is a live experiential workshop no recording of these meetings will take place. 

Purchase through PayPal

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Cancellation policy: 

The option of a full refund or credit to a future course will be offered if cancellation is requested before the start date. Any cancellation after the start date would be to the value of the remaining modules. If a module is cancelled by the organiser an alternative date will be offered.  











Global Colour Ambassador and Colour Specialist, Mark Wentworth, has been studying and working with the healing power of colour for more than 30 years. He is the founder of Colour for Life and creator of the Colour PsychoDynamics methodology, both integrating colour therapy with Carl Jung’s archetypal and visionary worlds. His depth experience and study of ancestral healing the The Goddess Within was with Jungian Psychotherapist, Roger Woolger.  

Mark is the author of Add a Little Colour to Your Life which has been translated into 7 different languages. Mark lives in Norwich, Norfolk, UK, and works across nine countries worldwide.

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