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For the love of #Blue2021

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

In Colour PsychoDynamics we work with the notion that each year has its own colour. Add a touch of ancient Greek mathematical formula from Pythagoras by simply adding the numbers of the current year together, 2021 = 2+0+2+1=5, combine together with other ancient vibrational mysteries and hey presto 5 becomes Blue.

As we say goodbye to #Green2020 we welcome with open arms #Blue2021 – I think we all know how we feel when we lay back and look up into wide blue yonder and get carried away in daydreams and endless possibilities. This is what I’m hoping blue will deliver this coming year, a chance to not only daydream but to turn those hopes into realities. The main photo for this blog post is my visual affirmation for my own #Blue2021

When we set sail to explore the new, we can all do with that warming touch of support, again this is my hope for blue. In colour symbolism the Virgin Mary or Divine Mother is always depicted as either wearing a blue cape or having a blue halo. How wonderful to have the feeling that we are supported even more so this year by the Great Mother.

Blue is most commonly associated with the Throat Chakra. As a meditation focus you could invite the question “What is my truth for 2021” and “What am I being invited to express this coming year”?

Taking it one step further, communication and expression is not only about speaking it out, it is also about listening and allowing space for the other to be heard. If you are going to embrace the fullness of blue, then listening means being present to hear fully what someone else is saying without the need to reply or have an answer. Very often we listen in order to reply.

Equally, do you listen to your body? Sometimes there are interesting hidden messages waiting to be told in our symptoms. Personally, I’m still downloading the message from sciatica, it’s been six weeks now and the message is still coming through. Of course I blame the slowness of getting the message on the download speeds due to living in the country ;-)

During the year I always like to take notice of what is happening in the outside world, not just from a personal perspective but through the eyes of the colour of the year itself. With this in mind let’s take a look back to #Green2020

Green in colour therapy relates not only to the heart but also to the lungs too. Now there’s something to reflect upon.

Green in its psychological space is about boundaries, hmmm interesting to witness how that played out in the form of restrictions and lockdown.

Of course, we cannot mention green without mentioning its strong connection to Mother Nature.

What if we bring all of this together and ponder the thought that maybe nature is, in its own way, rebalancing herself, and that same message is in there for us too.

If we consider nature as a living being, we see that no matter what happens nature just carries on anyway. The great fires of 2019 (a Yellow year) are a good example, within a few days of being extinguished new shoots were seen sprouting up from the ashen embers. Mother nature rebalances, dusts herself down and continues on afresh.

I describe colour as a sign-language of the Soul, it is constantly communicating and making the invisible visible, we know for example what time of year it is and what season we are in by the shades and tones of the colours.

From a personal perspective I believe this is why on some days I love wearing my blue shirt, it looks good, I feel good, and yet on another day it just doesn’t feel or look right at all. My colour choices are a bit like my Soul’s weather forecast. It’s also one of the reasons why I suggest you never choose what you are wearing for the next day. When you wake up next morning you might not feel like you did the night before.

Listening and paying attention to your colour choices is all good exercise for the more subtle levels of the throat chakra. Sometimes we shout out our life story very loudly and make it clearly visible for all to see through the colours we choose. Within every colour a story is waiting to be told.

Maybe the learning I also gain from #2020Green going further into #2021Blue is to take time to listen with the heart, and before responding to something that I don’t agree with I need take a pause for a breath. Let’s be honest there’s a lot we ought to be pausing to take a breath for right now.

And finally, on the days when you feel disconnected and frustrated about not being able to meet in person or connect via Zoom, take a moment to look up at that big blue sky, beyond the clouds, and know that somewhere someone is looking up there too. Maybe I’ll try looking down too and connect through the earth, maybe you will hear me more clearly…

Until soon, and see you in the blue,

Mark Wentworth – Colour Specialist / Global Colour Ambassador

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