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Colour Specialist and Global Colour Ambassador

Mark Wentworth

I have been working and studying with the transformational power of colour for more than 30 years. 
I am the founder of Colour for Life, and the creator of Colour PsychoDynamics, both integrating the power of colour with the archetypal and visionary worlds of Carl Jung. 

For me colour is a sign language of the Soul. If we take time to notice and learn its language, simple and profound change can take place. Every colour tells a story, any shade or tone can move us through time to past memory, evoke a certain smell, or even add sound and music, all at the speed of light. 

Colour PsychoDynamics is a methodology that I have developed over the past 30 years, it is a process and a journey of self-exploration with colour as the guide. This can simply be finding the right colours for your home, the most advantageous colours for your logo and business, or diving deeper to explore your core essence. 

Colour PsychoDynamics teaches you a way of living and being, a way that is in alignment with the essential you. It helps to strip away all that you are not to reveal your natural way of being. This process is applicable to your business, your team, your home, your relationships and to the future that is waiting to happen. 

Welcome to my world of colour

This is my story, this is me serving humanity through colour.


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