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The Colour of Your Dreams

Colour Dreaming for Self-discovery and  Planetary Healing

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4-week (x2hrs) On-line

Dreams have fascinated, frightened, and inspired us for millennia and beyond. These set of often bizarre images and scenarios that show up when we sleep with seemingly random disorder make no sense if we look at them rationally. For some they are dismissed as mere neurological processes and for others they hold a key and doorway to a whole new world. 


In the temples of Asklepion in ancient Greek dream chambers would be a sacred place in which to sleep and wait for a dream to bring healing and revelation. In the American civil war dream scouts were used to discover enemy camps and military deserters, all with absolute accuracy and precision. 


Freud analysed dreams, Jacob Moreno, creator of psychodrama, inspired people to dream again, and Jung saw dreams as potential messages from the Soul. 


What about colour, where does colour come into play? Colour is there, it’s always there, even as black and white it’s still present. Colour is much like that ever-present person at a party, they don’t say too much, they don’t draw attention to themselves, only if absolutely necessary. However, if you take the time to get to know them, a rich wealth of knowledge, humour and wisdom opens up to you. Colour is a sign-language of the Soul, it subtly guides and supports us, if you take the time to listen.


In this four-week experiential, self-awareness, self-healing, workshop I will guide you through the process of Colour Dreaming. Each week we will work with a different aspect of dreaming in order for you to develop your own colour dream language, which you can then use as a guide and a tool to navigate life’s journey. 

In translating the colour of your dreams, you learn to understand the sign-language of your Soul. When we take notice of our inner colour worlds you find that your outer world becomes more alive with potential for you to live the life you were born to live, a life of meaning and purpose.


And on the days where life feels anything but meaningful and purposeful you will know that you have the colour of your dreams constantly walking by your side, supporting you and guiding you. All we have to do is listen. 

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your heart.

Who looks outside; dreams, who looks inside, awakes.”

Carl Jung

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Due to the experiential and interactive nature of this workshop the maximum number of attendees is 12, this enables each attendee the fullest experience possible. A waiting list will be started once we reach the maximum number. 


**Because this is a live experiential workshop no recording of these meetings will take place. 

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Cancellation policy: 

The option of a full refund or credit to a future course will be offered if cancellation is requested before the start date. Any cancellation after the start date would be to the value of the remaining modules. If a module is cancelled by the organiser an alternative date will be offered.  











Global Colour Ambassador and Colour Specialist, Mark Wentworth, has been studying and working with the healing power of colour for more than 30 years. He is the founder of Colour for Life and creator of the Colour PsychoDynamics methodology, both integrating colour therapy with Carl Jung’s archetypal and visionary worlds. Mark is the author of Add a Little Colour to Your Life which has been translated into 8 different languages.

Mark lives in Norwich, Norfolk, UK, and works across nine countries worldwide.

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